Brand Partnership Guide


Step 1: Use 14 Day Collagen Launch Guide

We have created a simple step-by-step guide to know what to share/post for the first 14 days of your journey even before your collagen arrives. Not only is this helpful for you but also will be shared to your customers who want to share with friends.

CLICK HERE for 14 Day Collagen Launch Guide (USA Version)

CLICK HERE for 14 Day Collagen Launch Guide (EU Version)

Step 2: Gather Social Media Assets For Attractive Marketing

We have created a one-stop shop for different photos and images to share info, results, and other templates to keep your social media sharing a breeze.

CLICK HERE for Social Media Assets

Step 3: Save Scripts For Simple Messaging

Not knowing what to say in different situations? We got you covered - and without sounding "Salesy". Here below are different scripts and verbiage to say depending on who you're talking to and what their interests are. Take it, make it into your own, and you'll start talking like a professional in no time.

CLICK HERE for powerful scripts to use

Step 4: Join FB Group To Duplicate Growth

We have created a private Facebook business group to help keep business simple and duplicatable for you and people you help.

Use the 3 steps in the photo here to know how to ADD potential customers/partners, TAG them in a posts or photo, then MESSAGE them in the comments of it so they can see what this collagen elixir does.

CLICK HERE to request access to Collagen Elixir Experience (Private FB group)

Step 5: Photos of All Pricings of Collagen Elixir

We kept it super simple for you and made photos of collagen elixir for each market they are in. As you build globally, you're going to want to have this saved on your phone as you never know who may want to buy from you.

CLICK HERE for the dropbox of pricing photos

Congrats on officially launching your personal business!


Compensation Plan Training: Breakdown of how you get paid (13min)

Our compensation plan is one of the simplest but most prosperous in the industry. There are 8 ways Isagenix blesses you and your team so this video will be one to watch multiple times on and take notes so you can maximize your success. Note: When Eden talks about people starting with "health packs", that can be swapped in for "Collagen Elixir bundles" as well.

CLICK HERE for training video

Business Training: How to introduce collagen to people with Isa Millionaire, Zach Slobin (43min)

Isagenix Millionaire, Zach Slobin, goes step by step showing you the process of reaching out to someone about collagen elixir to enrolling them and helping them do the same. The way he articulates his messages is KEY to your success because it can increase your odds of getting people started.

CLICK HERE for video training (Officially starts at 3min mark)

Business Training: How To Build With Speed with Isagenix Millionaire Dr. DelRae (47min)

Co-Founder of Isagenix, Kathy Coover, and Isagenix Millionaire, Dr. DelRae, train specificially in this call on how to reach out to salon/spa owners as a professional. Hearing the verbiage and also knowing the right questions to ask will be extremely helpful for your own business growth partnering with people like this in your future.

CLICK HERE to watch training (Officially starts at 5min mark)